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Hinko Show :: HThinet & Algebra

Special events

As part of the Croatian Internet Days, from June 11-14 at the Republic of Croatia Square in Rijeka, two special events will take place. The Hinko Show and the HThinet & Algebra show for kids, students and youngsters. Come and see us, learn, surf and have a good time with Ivana Plechinger and Mirko Fodor.

Hinko Show

HThinet children portal Hinko - from fun to information, from play to education!

The one and only Croatian children's Internet character Hinko will be presented to the little surfers and to all of those who visit his tent on Korzo street in Rijeka on the 11th and 12th of June. During the Croatian Internet Days, the largest Croatian ISP HThinet has prepared a series of educational and fun events for its little surfers, but also for all of those who wish to enter the rich world of Internet. During the two day meeting with the children's portal Hinko, the little Internauts will have a lot of fun but also learn something. They will receive answers to their Internet questions, they will be introduced to all the contents of the children's portal and discover how simple it is to draw on a computer. They will probably be most pleased with the games and prizes that they can win if they join their age-mates in Hinko's tent in Rijeka. Besides putting together puzzles and surfing the Internet, the little surfers will be able to enjoy themselves in a diverse entertainment programme that will be hosted by children's favourite hosts Ivana Plechinger and Mirko Fodor.

Hinko does not need special introductions any more because kids are already well acquainted with Hinko's portal to which they send their drawings, stories and massages, they chat and comment about everything they are interested in or troubled with.
In almost a year of existence, children's portal Hinko has developed and has grown into a portal to fit the little surfers. Hinko's portal does not lack content - from fun to information, from play to education. Educational contents are easy to find under Did you know?, Questions and I can do it, and close by are Childrens guides that will take them through a series of interesting events - from children's cinema movies, TV shows to different extracurricular activities. The attractive and unusual information can be found under Curiosities, and new details about popular games under Gamer. In the Observatory the little surfers can meet celebrities that will unveil to them interesting details about their childhood and their way to stardom; and if they dive into the Fantasy world they will meet fairytale characters, like fairies and goblins, and find out their secrets. If they want to have fun, they will find it in interesting games and jokes and if they want to get prizes, they should send the best weekly drawing or write the most interesting ends to different stories. All this and much more is to be found with the green extraterrestrial on his children's portal and he is expecting new internauts.